Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Torture and salami

No, that's not a double-entrendre; it's my oh-so-clever lead-in to this article on Slate about why not banning torture is a bad, bad idea. Give it a read; it's most enlightening. I was always against using torture, but this article lays it out much better than I ever could.

Things I did today about which you'll likely care very little, in no particular:

  • Bought me some new sneakers. When you walk up to 30 miles a week, you go through them suckas fast.
  • Had a tasty apple for breakfast. Red Delicious apples are better, but Gala are more consistent in quality. Today's breakfast was Gala.
  • Learned how to jimmy open a door at work. Who says the University of Pennsylvania doesn't teach you anything?
  • Discovered that use of a tilda in html makes the character over which it is positioned unreadable.
  • Looked up "cueing."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll put in a vote for Gala apples — they're my favorite.


11:49 PM  

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