Monday, May 09, 2011

We are all "Friday"

Being a the pop-culture idiot, I'm just now getting clued into this Rebecca Black, "Friday" stuff. If you even more of a PC idiot than I, watch the video.

Yes, I know the lyrics are insipid, the music forgettable, and the bridge puzzling. (I wasn't aware that passing a school bus on the highway was worthy of even a line in a song, much less three or four.) However, is "Friday" really qualitatively dumber than this? Or this? The world is full of uninspiring music, so why should Rebecca Black be criticized for cashing in? Everybody else is doing it. Hell, if I thought a little auto tune would make me some money I'd be composing "Mambo No. 5, Friday is a Place on Earth."

*OK, maybe Belinda gets a pass for being off her trolley on quaaludes at the time.