Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fit to Split

I did my comedy thing at Lickety Split Sunday night, and it was a pretty decent experience. I saw a comic get heckled like nobody's business, but the crowd was nice to me considering how late it was (after 1 am) and how drunk they were. There's more to be said about that night but I dare not go further in this here public space. I don't want some comic coming after me for what he read on my blog.

You can see the results of my work here. YouTube hasn't yet added the clip to their search engine so you can't look it up via my name quite yet. Check out the drunk guy who starts mumbling to me around 2:30. He was nice enough, throwing me the horns and insisting that I rocked, which was rather decent of him. Nothing like a compliment from a drunk guy with weird hair to build your self esteem.

Thanks to the stalwart Ed, who soldiered through to the wee hours of the morning to record this slice of history.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A hell of a copter!

Had a neat dream last night that my brother-in-law owned a helicopter that he taught me to fly and let me borrow. Let the city try to impound that vehicle!

I have a question. If you could command any sci-fi ship you wanted, which would you pick? I'll list a few for the sake of convenience, but please do recommend others not on the list:

  1. Defiant
  2. Battlestar Galactica (or Pegasus, if you want a newer model)
  3. White Star
  4. Enterprise (of whichever model you prefer)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Was anyone other than me thinking this?

Apparently, Republicans are angry that Pete Stark said what at least I have been thinking. Leave it to a Stark to point out the inherent weirdness of having plenty of money for war but none for the healthcare of children. Winterfell '08! As to "dishonoring the commander-in-chief"...sorry, Mr. Boehner, but reality beat Stark to the punch.

Here's a vid of my latest stand-up foray. It was brand-new material, and it sounds the part.

New favorite lyric:

"Well I hate TV
There's gotta be somebody other than me
Who's ready to write it off immediately
I'm looking for a cynical girl"

Artist: Marshall Crenshaw (Marshall Crenshaw)
Song: Cynical Girl
Album: Marshall Crenshaw

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Open Mic: The Reckoning

For those who may be interested, I will be attending the open mic at the Comedy Cabaret this Wednesday, October 17. I'll go on sometime between 8:30 and 10.

Since I wasn't sure until today that I was going, we decided not to cancel Movie Night. Dan will hold down the fort while I try once more to make strangers laugh at me. Normally I don't have to try too hard to make that happen, but on stage it's called performing.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Two news items I liked

Personally, I think we owe this train a debt of gratitude for taking a genetic defect off the roads, if only for a little while.

It must be my birthday, because Larry Craig is staying in office! Yup...he's decided to hang in there while he "explores his legal options." That's politician-speak for "finds a way to weasel out of the mess he made for himself." What a great gift, Lar! I feel bad that I didn't get anything for you, though. Maybe I could find that piece of paper you were trying to pick up when you hit on Officer Karsnia, eh? (Good taste, by the way, although next time us a damn chat room like any other troll.)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

And again!

You can find my second bid at stand-up here, recorded at Helium.

I didn't tell very many people I was doing this for a few reasons. First, I wanted a crowd in which almost no one knew me, and that I got. There were nearly fifty people there, and it was kind of a tough crowd. Not very many comics got laughs. Second, I didn't know I was going on at all until 40 minutes before I actually did, so I didn't want people attending if they weren't going to be able to see me. Third, it was a three-minute set, so I was on and off that stage before you could say, "Great Zeus! Is that the guy who made his debut in glamorous Northeast Philly?"