Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holy smoley!

I was made aware of this Web site today.

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. The site owners are careful to say they don't "promote or condone" violence against informants or law enforcement officers, but they sure give those who do a handy means for locating targets. I'm not proposing censorship or anything like that, which is a shame because this Web site is despicable.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Open Letter to Liberals

Dear Liberals:

You and I have had a friendship that spans decades. We've been to pro-choice rallies, written checks to the ACLU, voted for John Kerry and emailed our senators about progressive issues even when we knew they wouldn't listen. It's because of this close relationship that I say, in the most loving way possible, that you're a bunch of short-sighted, tantrummy children who deserve a good spanking.

I know you're angry about Congress' failure to pass legislation containing hard deadlines for a troop too! However, I understand that the US Senate honors a rule called the filibuster (say that with me) that allows forty-one senators to thwart the will of the majority. Remember that little trick our side used during our long years in the minority? Well, Republicans can use it too, and they have, and so fell every single attempt to set a deadline. That means that getting angry at Harry Reid is like Gandalf blaming Frodo for not living closer to Mount Doom.

I understand that you love Cindy Sheehan, but supporting her bid to unseat Nancy Pelosi is pure, unadulterated folly. Pelosi is a safe-seat Democrat and reliable liberal who can do more for our side than an understandably pissed-off Iraq vet mother with no legislative experience who alienates half the people she meets. Keep in mind that the House of Representatives has passed the deadline three times; it's the Senate that's the problem, and there Pelosi has zero control. None. Replacing her with Sheehan won't eliminate the filibuster, and it won't get you what you want.

Look, you're right on the issues: healthcare, labor, abortion, same sex marriage and, yes, even Iraq. However, if you continue to insist upon my-way-or-the-highway policies, you're going to drive independent voters right back to the GOP. You may be anxious to return to the days of a Republican majority, zero congressional oversight and awful federal court nominees, but I'd rather not be included in that road trip, thank you very much. Please take a deep breath and think about what's really important and how best to accomplish it.

Hugs and kisses,

A Discouraged but Loyal Liberal

Friday, July 20, 2007

I Can-tankerous!

I'm taking a wonderful new medicine that makes everything taste metallic. I had an iron apple for breakfast, naan, salad, and copper shavings for lunch, and tonight I'm thinking of perhaps an aluminumy pizza. Very nice.

[Edited to remove something that might get me in trouble later.]

Griping complete. For now.

Yesterday I was stopped at a traffic light at 36th and Spruce, where a traffic cop was directing traffic. He was doing these wonderful little traffic-regulating dances, which were at once instructive and yet esthetically pleasing. I wanted to watch him for a bit longer, but the light turned green and he very jauntily waved me along. I really didn't feature seeing his write-a-ticket dance, so I went on my way.