Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Overheard at Work...the Reckoning

Two posts ago I mentioned my poor, poor coworker who complained about not getting a response to an emailed resume and my sadness that she had not yet seen the worst. (Or near the worst.) Sadly, I was correct, as she was complaining the other day about being kept waiting a half-hour for an interview that the interviewer skipped without notice.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Arlen Specter switches parties, eh? Well, I still think he was a useless old windbag during the Bush years, grumbling about W's many corrupt incompetencies but doing next to nothing about it. Independent, indeed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Remember when I said I knew what was coming?

Well, I was wrong. I thought I'd seen every bit of job-hunting craziness there was, but the universe has proven, once again, that even when you think you've seen the worst, there's always something just a little bit lower. I'm not going into details here, but let me say this: If you are contemplating taking a job with a major Center City law office, contact me first and tell me the name. If it is the same company to which I so obliquely refer...run hard, run silent, run deep.

Dan and I are watching (courtesy of Netflix) the old 90's series "American Gothic" and kind of enjoying it. One of the actors, who was probably about eleven at the time, is just fantastic for someone so young. Seriously. He reminds me of young Jodie Foster, who was good even in "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" because she is just a natural.

Had off from work today (soon I will have off every day!) and I spent most of it on household duties, the chief of which was stripping, cleaning and sealing the deck. Another chore completely neglected by the former owners, so there was mildew aplenty, but I got most of it with my trusty deck scrubber. Those of you attending BBQ's this summer will get to see the New and Improved Deck for yourselves.

New favorite lyric:

"I've looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all"

Artist: Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell)
Song: Both Sides Now
Album: Clouds

Almost forgot...this is for CathyC.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Overheard at work

As I previously mentioned, the company for which I work is not likely to outlast the milk in my refrigerator, so everyone's scrambling for work. As you may know, law firm people tend to stick with the firm for years if not decades, and some of them haven't job-hunted since Nixon was president. Today I heard one of those say she'd emailed her resume in response to a job posting and never got a reply. She complained that not responding to a submitted resume was "just unprofessional."

I shook my head sadly but said nothing; she has no idea what awaits: A world of companies who don't acknowledge your application, treat you like a criminal during the interview and dirt after you've left the office. And that was when the economy was fine. Great Zeus. I don't have the heart to break it to her. Not that I'm in much better straits, but at least I know what's coming.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This show brought to you by ibuprofen

Yes, I was sick again for a show, but since there was no way I was skipping, I reached out to my friend Motrin and muddled through. I'm actually fairly pleased with my performance, but the audience was less so. Truth be told, they didn't much like any of the four of us, so I was in good company. The video should be available within a few days.

Oh, and if you click on "My Photos" to the right you can find some photos taken by TrackerMom at various shows. Enjoy!