Thursday, December 08, 2011

Love songs I love

Some say that even bad pizza is good, but I think bad pizza is truly disgusting. I feel the same way about love songs, but when they're, they deliver like Domino's. So I decided to list a few of my favorites:

- As The World Falls Down (Written and performed by David Bowie)

- Revolution Earth (Written and performed by the B-52s)

- Baby's Coming Back (Written by Andy Sturmer, performed by Jellyfish)

- I Don't Know How to Love Him (Written by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice, performed most notably by Yvette Elliman)

- I'm Your Moon (Written and performed by Jonathan Coulton)

- Ordinary (Written and performed by Paula Cole)

- I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Want Someone Like Me (Written by Pino Donagggio and Merritt Malloy, performed by Katie Irving)

Feel free to suggest some of your own!