Monday, June 29, 2009

Two things

That's what this weekend was. Thusly:

Thursday night**: Ultimate
Friday night: RPG
Saturday afternoon: Ultimate
Saturday night: RPG
Sunday morning: Ultimate

The combination of those two in my life throws off every Internet geek test I've ever taken.

All that Ultimating meant that a) I was eating like crazy all weekend; and b) I was sore as hell. B was particularly acute because Sunday morning's game was filled out by a number of tall, young, extremely fast guys who forced me to play as if I were fifteen years younger. Argh.

July approaches, and that means the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, or Q'Fest or whatever the hell they're calling it these days. I have five films lined up, which is unusual for me. What's even more unusual is that Dan will accompany me to two of them...yay!

On a tangentially related topic, the Log Cabin Republicans have in the grand tradition of all organizations gay, splintered, most likely over egos or a stolen blouse. But don't doubt the new gay Republican group, GOProud, will just as pathetically support GOP candidates who take their votes and their donations and still vote against same sex marriage. I find gay conservatives immensely amusing, mostly because all of their efforts to "work from the inside" of the Republican Party haven't resulted in any significant policy achievements. For more fun, check out this article. Here are some gems:

"If you pulled the lever for John McCain in 2008, then passing hate-crimes legislation or ENDA [Employment Non-Discrimination Act] is probably not your priority," says Mr. LaSalvia. "Most issues that are defined as 'gay' issues have been defined by the left. We take a different approach."

That approach evidently does not include protection from gay-bashers or employment discrimination.

Take abortion. Christopher Barron, GOProud's chairman of the board, points to an example from a few years back, when a Maine state legislator introduced a bill that would have outlawed abortion for a child thought to be gay, in the event genetic testing ever reached that point. That politician, Mr. Barron says, received virtually no support from gay groups.

I cannot imagine why gay groups would be uninterested in supporting a law to ban a practice that is legal nowhere nor even scientifically possible.

This is why I loved the Log Cabin Republicans, and why I look forward with great pleasure to watching GOProud make tools and jackasses of themselves.

**I know Thursday night is hardly the weekend, but when you aren't working Friday it may as well be.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Star!

Some of those who remember you well are getting together tonight, and we will think (and speak) of you. and I'll raise a glass, although it may contain only Diet Coke.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Woot, loot and fruit

I have posted the vids of my performance at Gayety, the event that commemorated the closing of Joe Coffee Bar. As you will see, it was a fun crowd and I had alot of fun performing. And I got to open for Deirdre it, bitches!

Wolf Block is now officially dead, although a few of the employees - me included - have been asked to stay through the summer to attend to the burial. So I spend much of my days cleaning out offices and boxing up files. It's kinda fun, because the place is nearly empty so you can yell down corridors and throw empty boxes around without fear of hitting anyone. And so I do. Also, you can have your pick of the stuff the firm is throwing out, so there is a significant amount of looting.

Looking forward to lunch so much that I will savor even the granny smith apple I brought. In case you don't know I am not wild about fruit, although I eat it on a regular basis. Strawberries, pineapple and grapes are my favorites, but I eat the apples because they're more convenient to carry and they keep alot longer.