Sunday, December 11, 2005

Things Presidential

About two months ago, Dan and I were at dinner with some friends, and I asked each person his favorite and least favorite US president. Unsurprisingly, each picked our current monarch as his least favorite, but the favorites were more varied.* I picked Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because I admired his attitude of dealing with the Depression. This is paraphrased, but he basically said that he'd try something, and if that didn't work he'd try something else. I find that people often spend too much time talking and not enough doing, so naturally I admire this approach. Besides, FDR was president during what was arguably the worst time in our nation's history (the Depression and WWII), and yet he managed to get elected four times. That's no mean feat.

Admittedly, trying to pack the Supreme Court with his supporters wasn't the best move, but I still admire his "let's do it" approach to getting the nation out of the Depression. Also, he helped introduce what I consider to be some good social programs, most of which have unfortunately been dismantled by the last thirty years of conservatism. Sigh.

Oh, I found out that Elizabeth Shue and I share a birthday.

*Living during the tenure of the worst president in US history is a lot less fun than you'd think.


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