Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New York and slimy things

I’m going to take up the thread of something I read on Babyraven’s live journal about the Big Apple. No, I’m not going to take her to task for saying it’s got everything Philly does but just more, because to a large extent I think that’s true. And I agree that it’s really annoying that getting something to eat after 10:30 pm usually involves a good deal of travel. In my volunteer days I remember well the frustration of trying to get Philadelphians out to try something new, even something as tame as a movie night or a wine-and-cheese social. The gay/lesbian Ultimate group I used to run folded because we just couldn’t get people to try it, something that in NYC would probably have never been a problem. New York has more to do and more people to do it with, and that’s a fact.

In defense of the City of Brotherly Love, however, I’ll say that Philadelphia is, I think, more manageable than NYC. New York is always crowded, always expensive, always moving, and sometimes that can be a bit much to deal with. Don’t get me wrong; I like cities, but I can see how a constant go-go-go rhythm can get old. Let’s not even mention that NYC is almighty expensive. Philly’s getting there, but you can still live in the city without paying $1800 a month for one-bedroom apartment, and that’s nice to know.

I spoke with a recruiter today…aren’t they just slimy? Some posts ago I derided HR people, but I don’t think they’re slimy; I just think they’re useless. Recruiters, however, are always trying to sell you on a job that’s probably not right for you, and I imagine they’re doing the same with employers in regards to applicants. I feel terrible categorically distrusting an entire industry filled with people as human as I am, but my experience with recruiters teaches me that you’re usually better off conducting your own job hunt. They’re like using leeches in medicine; there may be some value, but all in all if you can use antibiotics, you should.


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