Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh the personals!

I'm reading these pathetic personals, and I can't get enough. You read them too, and don't get enough!

This reminds me of an experience I had volunteering for speed dating at the William Way Center. I signed on to sell tickets, but since there was an odd number of participants, I was pressured into service. (I was single at the time, and thus could participate in good faith.) Anyway, Guy #1 is obviously an A-lister*, and our "date" consists of me trying to say intelligent things while he looks at me with the patented A-lister Look of Disdain. Only later did I think, "Hey, he doesn't have a boyfriend either, so what the hell does he have to be so smugly superior about?"

*In case you don't know, an A-lister is in the gay community a guy who has the right look, goes to the right gym, has the right job, vacations in the right area, does the right drugs, and has friends just like himself. The A-lister in question was no better- looking than I, but he had the all-American look, which I definitely don't. Also, he was balding a bit on top, which I was too graceful to point out in a Yoda voice while dancing around on my chair. Stupid gracefulness!


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