Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Dover Update

The president of the Dover school board has testified in the Dopes Trial, and here's a highlight.

Harkins acknowledged that her familiarity with the concept [of intelligent design] was limited to some Internet research and a brief reading of Of Pandas and People, an intelligent-design textbook that the Dover Area School District is using as a reference book in the high school's library.

Boy, I'll bet the parents in that district feel a lot better with such a meticulous and thorough educator at the helm! Here's another example of her dedication:

Nevertheless, Harkins said she felt the curriculum should specify what kinds of theories should be mentioned besides evolution.

"If you're going to say 'other theories,' then you need to have an
example of what 'other theories' is," Harkins said.

I'm sorry she didn't include stuff about Yggdrasil or Cronos...that would make science class way more fun!

I probably shouldn't prognosticate about this, but what the hell. These people are going to lose, and lose big, but the loss won't in any way deter their supporters. They'll view themselves as martyrs for Jesus, curse those godless liberals and the activist judges who work for them, and then start work on another slantwise way of introducing mythology into public schools. Ignorant fools.


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