Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Dover Update

Apparently, even the judge in the Dover case is getting pissed off at the school board. My favorite quote from the article:

In two separate, sworn depositions this year, Bonsell said he did not know the source of the $850 check for the books. But last week former board member William Buckingham testified he handed the check to Bonsell to give to his father, Donald Bonsell.

"You were the conduit by which your father received the $850?" said
Jones, his jaws clenched. "Why in January of 2005 didn't you tell [plaintiffs' attorney Eric] Rothschild on repeated questioning that Mr. Buckingham was involved in the exchange?"

Bonsell replied, "It was my fault. I should have said

Well, I'm glad he's apologized for the false testimony he provided. Lying in a deposition without later apologizing would be rude.


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