Thursday, November 13, 2003

My take on the media

Oftentimes we hear politicians say, "The media is liberal," or "The media is irresponsible." Here's my opinion: "media" is plural! It is! "Media" is the plural of "medium"; therefore, one should say, "The media are liberal." I even looked it upon in Merriam-Webster, which, although it acknowledges the use of "media" as a singular, still maintains it's plural. And so do I.

Now, to comment on the media, I think this stuff about the liberal media is just hooey. Sure, journalists as a group may be more liberal than the average American, but what about the folks who own the means of communication? They're nearly all rich, male, white, heterosexual and over forty. Class, to which party do most rich, male, white, heterosexual, over-forty people belong? If you said "Green" or "Democrat", you are fucking stupid. If you said "Republican" take a seat at the head of the class. No matter how liberal the journalist, if the editors and publishers are conservative, so is the publication/broadcast.


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