Thursday, November 13, 2003

I dance a jig of glee!

These feet are a-tapping, because Roy Moore is history. Looks like someone down there understands that the chief justice of a state supreme court cannot openly defy a court order. Of course, this nut will probably run for governor, but if the people of Alabama are foolish enough to elect a nut, that's their problem.

It's funny. The Religious Right often contends that excluding mention of the Christian deity from the classroom endorses "humanism" (one wonders if they know what they mean by that), but including mention of that deity does not promote Christianity. Huh? So exclusion promotes but promotion does not promote. In a nation where only the bare majority of citizens accept evolutionary theory, this should come as no surpise. Little wonder the Europeans see us as a bunch of pudgy, lazy, religion-obsessed little prudes with itchy trigger-fingers.


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