Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Kidney stones

I was thinking the other day about the time I had a kidney stone, but instead of a boring narrative, I will relate the story through song! (Just what you needed.)

Kidney Rock (sung to the tune of "Jailhouse Rock")
It happened early morning around two a.m.
A pain that made me nauseous, gave my head a spin
I had to wake my brother and get in the car
And rush on down to Frankford Hospital E.R.

It was a rock, oh yeah it was a rock
Everybody in the E.R. stopped to take care of my kidney rock

I staggered in the door and went up to the nurse
I thought by then that I was ready for a hearse
They said I was the worst that they had ever seen
But soon I was in bed with my friend morphine

Oh rock, oh yeah it was a rock
I was tripping 'til the morphine stopped and thinking 'bout my kidney rock

So now I have to drink a river every day
And strain it all before I can throw it away
I hope that someday soon this kidney stone will pass
'Cause peeing in a bottle is a real pain in the ass

Oh rock, come on pass now rock
Leave the door to the bathroom unlocked until I get rid of this rock


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