Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I feel so dirty!

I went to the polls today, and I voted for John Street. Ugh. As I reached for the button, my hand jerked back spasmodically, and I had to repeat my Election-Day mantra, "Must keep Republicans out of power." Only then was I able to cast my vote for Street.

I thought long and hard about my vote, and in the end I decided to vote Democrat because a Republican mayor would certainly do his damnedest to impede Ed Rendell's reelection, and to support boneheads like Santorum and His Fraudulency. Katz may be pro-gay and socially liberal and all that, but when the Republican Party blows its trumpets, he'll respond, even if it means betraying every voter in this city. Therefore, I voted my fears instead of my hopes, something I always advise people not to do. And that's why I feel dirty.


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