Thursday, November 20, 2003

I have the extended Two Towers!

Picked it up Tuesday and watched it Tuesday, ha-cha! I'm not crazy about the movie in general, if truth be told; the fights are too Hollywood, what with Legolas and his shield-skiing, and with Gimli and Aragorn fighting off about one hundred orcs by themselves. Besides, the movie takes considerable liberties with the storyline as set down by Tolkien, and unnecessary ones at that. However, here's my run-down of what I like and what I don't.

Magic-rope scene: Like, although it doesn't add a great deal to the story.

Denethor/Boromir scene: Dislike, and in a strong way. It paints Denethor as a grasping, scheming old buzzard, which is just not how he appeared in the books. Denethor was strong-willed and stubborn, yes, but he was also perceptive and clever, with a strong sense of duty.

Additional Uruk-hai footage: Like, because it demonstrates that Saruman, a traitor to the White Council, had betrayed Sauron as well.

Gollum going hungry: Like big-time. Frodo's reaction is a mix of loathing, pity and disgust, which to my mind is the only way one can react to Gollum. He's truly wretched.

Hurons: Like. They were a crucial part of the Battle of the Hornburg, and it was nice to see Peter Jackson knows it.

See it for yourself, but be warned: You ain't getting my copy for awhile.


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