Monday, November 10, 2003

More songs

I was again thinking about the days of Cathy and I and joke songs, and another came to me. This was written when Jack-o was simultaneously turning into a gray elf and dodging child molestation charges. Enjoy!

Black or White (sung to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Black or White")
I used to be a human now I'm not sure
And children used to love me not anymore
That was when I was the King of Pop, when moonwalking was still at its height
But now I'm just a has-been and I don't know if I'm black or white

The NAACP just won't let me in
Because they say they don't know where I have been
My nose has been sculptured and now they say my skin is too light
And the Ku Klux Klan won't take me 'cause they don't know if I'm black or white

I ain't afraid of no D.A., I ain't afraid of TV
I got lots of money to buy off testimony
I live in a giant playhouse, America's weirdest child
Compared to what I look like, even LaToya seems mild

Even Elvis Presley's daughter wasn't weird enough to take my spotlight
She ran with $15 million 'cause she don't care if I'm black or white

The bridge needs some work, but otherwise I like it. Joke songs also make good blogging material, so no one can accuse me of neglecting The First Time I Turned Thirty.


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