Sunday, November 02, 2003


Yes, I am posting about Halloween two days after it's over. Live with it.

Sean, Ed and I went to NYC to see the parade, and I of course stole some time to visit not one but two Daffy's. The visits were disappointing as the clothing there was much more conservative than that of the store in Philadelphia. One location was in Herald Square, which I suppose explains it, but I was left unfulfilled all the same.

Anyway, the parade was the coolest, and the weather was perfect for perching on a construction scaffold to watch the costumes go by. My personal favorite was the drag-queen combo of Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson. When they passed by I yelled, "But ya are, Blanche! Ya are in that chair!" We also chatted up some British guys, one of whom was to die for. (Rule of physics: All cute guys are made even cuter by the presence of a British accent.) The Village, of course, was a madhouse, but that's when it's most fun. I got home around 1am, tired but satisfied that my Halloween had been well enjoyed.

I'm not sure I could live in New York, as much as I like to visit. Even if it weren't almighty expensive, it's awfully frenetic, even for a city boy like me. Personally, I like that Philadelphia keeps a certain serenity despite the fact that it's the fifth-largest city in the US. That of course raises the question of why I'm looking to leave it, the answer to which is a blog in itself. And I'm not starting another blog.


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