Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Things That Delight Me

I thought the previous post needed a balance, so here we are. By the way, anyone who dares think of Julie Andrews singing about her favorite things should give him/herself a really hard pinch. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Now that pinching is over, on to the delightful things.

Fresh-baked bread: Nothing like a fresh loaf, warm from the oven and served up with plenty of butter. I can easily make a meal of this alone. Staff of life, indeed. I have been known to bake a mean loaf of bread in my time, which isn't exactly convenient but well worth the effort. My flour-stained "Little Chef's Bake-a-Bread" book is a close friend.

English accents: Nobody, but nobody speaks English like the English. When I was in England, I felt like a great oaf every time I spoke to one of the natives. Sometimes I wish I were British, but not if I had to eat bubble and squeak.

The Go-Go's: Vastly underrated, these gals were my first love in terms of music. I have most of their stuff, except for a few obscure things, some of it on CD, cassette and vinyl. Too bad they can't seem to either work out their problems or just get over them.

Chocolate: Easy one. Next.

Ultimate Frisbee: I can't get enough of this game, and turning down a chance to play is something I do only with great reluctance, even when my shins complain loudly.

Watership Down: Who'd have thought a book about rabbits could be so enthralling? Richard Adams, that's who, and right he was! I first read this book in high school, and I have come back to it zillions of times since. I still cheer when Keehar attacks General Woundwort during the thunderstorm.

There are more things that I really, really like, but I feel this post has reached the upper limits of positivity. More later.


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