Monday, October 27, 2003

Pan Man

I was just looking at pics from my Halloween party, and I question the wisdom of dressing up as Pan, god of fields, meadows and shepherds. Oh, the fur pants were fun, and who doesn't like wearing tiny horns, but going shirtless...well, let's just say my chest is not my best feature. That knowledge was drilled deep into my brain at the sight of another guest who looked one billion times better in his torso-bareing outfit. Ugh. But then again, I had horns and he didn't.

Ninja Bacon played "Our Lips Are Sealed", which I was delighted to hear, and I did my darnest to make a non-ear-shattering harmony. No one heard it, which made it even better. Mike B. made an awesome Edward Scissorhands, and Star looked positively fabulous as Norma Desmond. I would have voted for her, but I was banned from voting. Unlike Florida elections, mine are fair. Well, maybe they're not, but at least I am upfront about them being unfair. As I assured Sean, everybody knew he was Nick Fury...another benefit of lots of geek friends is that your costume can be as obscure as you want and they still know who you are.

However, the highlight of the evening for me was Deirdre, who came dressed as poor Michael from "Sidney's Gift." Now that my work has been turned into a costume, I know I have truly arrived.