Friday, October 24, 2003

Dream (another) little dream.

I had another strange dream Wednesday night, but I forgot to post about it with all the SEPTA nonsense. The dream was extremely vivid, as evidenced by the fact that I still remember it two days later. Here goes.

My Center City office building was evacuated because of a false fire alarm, and we were being allowed back in en masse. Naturally, the elevators were clogged, so I decided to climb the stairs to the 21st floor, where I work. (Inconsistency #1: I actually work in an eight-floor piece of crap in Bala Cynwyd.) A bunch of people followed me, and they slowed up the progress I would have made on my own. At the seventh floor, a security guard caught us and told us to go back to the lobby, but I hid in the shadows of the fire stair and evaded her. (Inconsistency #2: Most fire stairs are narrow and lacking in any hiding spaces that would realistically accommodate me.)

Phase two of the dream involved me trying to get to the 21st Floor against all odds, and having adventures along the way. This was the weirdest office building in the world, as it contained a nightclub accessible only via the fire stairs. (Inconsistency #3: One would think that a nightclub that's prohibitively difficult to reach wouldn't stay in business long, but this one seemed solvent.) The stairs led directly through the nightclub, and the staff wouldn't let me pass, but I found this secret staircase that led to a luxurious penthouse. I even remember dream-thinking, "Who would have thought an office building would have a nightclub and a penthouse." Anyway, I was trying to creep though the penthouse without alerting the woman living there when I woke up.

I'm not very good at interpreting dreams, nor do I have much desire to do so, but with this one I felt compelled. I've come up with two theories:

1) Right now I am attempting something in my life that is much more complex than I imagined and is only bringing me trouble. Although I tend to strike out on my own, in this case it's wiser to return to basics and act more conventionally, even if I dislike doing what I feel is expected of me.

2) I definitely should not eat a Wawa-purchased cheese danish one hour before bed.


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