Thursday, October 23, 2003

Faster than a really slow bus!

Yep...I outran a bus today. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I called off work today so I could get my hair done by Maria the Fabulous, who works on Penn campus. Today being a weekday, when parking is difficult and traffic more intense, I thought, "Why don't I take the train? That will save gasoline and therefore prevent some air pollution, and will also save me from having to hunt for parking." Big mistake. The El stopped at Spring Garden because of a roof collapse at 8th Street, so I had to transfer to a shuttle bus.

For those of you who aren't familiar with SEPTA, the term "shuttle bus" in their lexicon translates roughly to "big, loud, crowded, slow-moving waste of time." So it proved today. I thought about getting a cab for the remainder of the trip, but I'd have rotted away to dust before I'd find a cab at 2nd & Spring Garden. Anyway, off we went, and at about 10th & Market I said to the bus driver, "Can I have a transfer? I know I can beat this bus to 15th Street." Agreeably, he handed it over, and I took off. I'm not sure it's a great mark of distinction to know you outran a SEPTA bus (most cripples could probably say the same), but at 34 years of age I felt proud nonetheless. I was even more proud that I was able to run 4 blocks without pausing to rest mid-way or dropping into a heap at the end. My shins only complained mildly, too.

Anyway, I got my hair cut and highlighted (Maria did her usual great job) then I walked to the bank to cash a check. On the way I stopped to buy a hot dog from a vendor. Let me warn you that I have a simple rule about hot dogs: I don't want to know anything more about them than that they taste good with mustard and relish. You don't need to tell me how bad they are; I already know. I hadn't had a hot dog in years, and I enjoyed this one.

Summary: Hair looks great, hot dog was enjoyed, SEPTA sucks and next time I'm driving.


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