Sunday, April 01, 2007

A few pictures

These were on my hard drive, and now they're on your screen!

The first one is Star in Rittenhouse Square, and was taken by the Philadelphia Inquirer. If you didn't know Star you missed out on a part of life. If you knew Star and didn't like her you missed out on basic humanity or good sense, or something.

The second one is me at Dover Castle in - surprise, surprise - Dover, England. (I should put in the county name but I don't feel like looking it up.) I'm way off to the right, barely visible and irrelevant in light of the wonderfully green grass. No Photoshopping on this pic...that color's all nature. The day that picture was taken was like many in England, blustery and cool, partly sunny but largely not, but it was a great visit nonetheless.

Looking back I think I realize the connection between these two pics. My trusty London map has been to the UK more times than I have, because Star took it with her during her own London trip. I hadn't remembered this until I came across the map in my desk at home, and then it seemed very precious. Having something that went along with Star on one of her adventures is like owning Bilbo Baggins' travelling* cloak.

New favorite lyric:

"Dreams that are towers that rise above
The bower of dreams where I lie with my love
Dreams that fly from our hearts to each other
Shared thoughts of our love under the covers"

Artist: B-52's (B-52's)
Song: Dreamland
Album: Cosmic Thing

*I thought the British spelling only appropriate in this context.


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