Friday, April 20, 2007

Yes, it is still true...

...that my 20-year high school reunion is tomorrow. I have this fear that it will be really lame and that everyone who is there will remember me as an integral part of that lameness. And I'll remember it too. Forever and ever. Save me.

Mock trials are fun, as I learned the other night at SuperTarzan's. My favorite part was when ST responded to an objection thusly:
"Your Honor, it doesn't take any sophisticated legal knowledge to know that confessing to murder is going to hurt you at your murder trial."

A great weather weekend looms before us, for once. Given that winter has made several encores, I'm keeping my heavy coat at hand until, like, July. However, I am also keeping my disc handy, and tomorrow I am using it! How can anyone not love Ultimate? If I were the FBI, I'd profile for that, because Ultimate-haters are terrorists.

I was walking along Boathouse Row today, and I used my Sarcasmo eyes to look at the buildings I've passed a zillion times before but never really seen. One of them has this little tower that looks rather like a miniature lighthouse, and I wondered if anyone ever used it as such. The only watercraft you'd guide in are the little boats the crew men and women use.

I hear that DRAGON is going out of print. The news made me a little sad, as at one time I was a regular subscriber and, once, an author. In a way I'm sheepish about admitting that, but in another way I'm not; at the time I published, that magazine had a circulation of around 100,000. If you Google my name (no, I'm not posting it here) along with the title of the magazine you can find pdfs of the article. Someone still reads the thing, for which I was paid the princely sum of $60. I still have a copy of the check.

I decided that, when I'm too old to work and too young to sit around all day, I'm going to become a crossing guard. I don't much care for children, but I like the idea of helping protect them from traffic. Evidently I dislike drivers more than children. That's the awe and wonder of me.


Blogger Star said...

I didn't know you were a paid & published author ! Kudos to you. Have fun at the reuinion. Just your being there will save it from total lameness!

8:10 PM  

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