Sunday, April 22, 2007

And the aftermath

The reunion was last night, and now I report!

I looked pretty good, I must say, and I spend a good deal of time making sure of it. There was no way I was going into that mess without confidence that every seam, fold and strand of hair was exactly in place. I deliberately arrived 90 minutes I was really going to get there on time! What was neat was that almost no one recognized me at first, so I kind of stealthed around the place, checking out who had gotten fat (a number of people) and who bald (a slightly lower number). Eventually people started recognizing me, and when they did the most common remark was, "Wow, you look exactly the same!" I managed to avoid preening, mostly because I was aghast at how not exactly the same some of the remarkers looked. Great Zeus...had it only been twenty years? One guy I spoke with looked 48 if he was a day!

I expected that it would be embarrassing and mind-blowing, and possibly awful, but it was really just awkward; I had very little to say to most of these people when I was in high school, and even less twenty years removed. I did have kind of a revelation that I won't reveal here; no true confessions on this blog! (Or at least not today.) I left after 45 minutes and went to meet some friends in town, where I had an infinitely better time.

BTW, I wore my snazzy outfit the rest of the evening. Hey, it was too good to waste on a high school reunion.

New favorite lyric:

"And if I had a jetpack I'd bust into your door
I'd take you by the hand to the Jersey shore
And underneath the moonlight you'd want me even more
'Cause I'd have a jetpack."

Artist: Jill Sobule (Jill Sobule/Robin Eaton)
Song: Jetpack
Album: Underdog Victorious


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