Thursday, April 12, 2007


Two whoa things today.

Check out how well the "troop surge" is working. Of course, I am sure the Bush administration will be quick to say that the surge is too recent to have had any effect, or that this is the insurgents' Last Throe #703. Boy, do we have this coming.

I am going to my 20-year high school reunion in two weekends, may the Seven protect me. As the song says, don't ask me why. Actually, I know why; I want to see who got fat and who got bald, or (please, please!) both. While I'm being honest, I had thought about hiring a gorgeous model for the evening and telling her to call me "doctor" but I finally decided that would be lying. I guess. I'm divided on what to wear; half of me wants to hew to something sharp yet conservative, and the other half wants to drag out my quilted gold brocade, black-velvet-trimmed Versailles waistcoat. Since it will by then probably be too warm for quilted brocade, I'm probably going to stick with my new linen jacket.

Dan asked if I wanted him along and I said no for this reason. I have no idea how this evening's going to be, so I want the freedom to be able to walk (or run) out after five minutes without worrying about upsetting anyone. Such an exit might upset my former classmates, and I am sure that I'll toss and turn for at least three seconds over that.

New favorite lyric:

"And they'd say 'Granddad, Mom has told us
Is it true you were alive
When there were forests in New Jersey
And Windows 95?' "

Artist: Deirdre Flint (Deirdre Flint)
Song: Old With You
Album: Then Again


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