Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's Going On?

That title is not a Marvin Gaye reference, but I am sure Mr. Gaye would totally have grooved* on my blog.

I bought my first linen jacket last week, and I am wearing it today. The jacket, which I got at Daffy's, natch, is a dark blue that’s lighter than navy (one of my most hated of colors) yet darker than royal, and it’s really snazzy. It’s just a wee bit big for me in terms of width, but the sleeves and shoulders are fine. Maybe I’ll get the thing altered a bit so it’s more form-fitting. But I like!

A bunch of us played Descent last weekend, with the full benefits of electric lights, and it was fun. The rules are totally non-intuitive so it’s not a quick game, but I had a great time dropping ice storms on those pesky hellhounds, and others seemed to enjoy it as well. We didn’t all drop ice storms though; the other players were using weapons. In case you were wondering.

The scavenger hunt was a success, despite the distressing absence of VisMajor. We came in a strong first place, leaving the runners-up way in the dust. They sucked. Harsh words but true.

I’m not a huge fan of red meat…except when it’s barbecued. I could chomp through a whole herd of sheep if they came off the grill. We got great BBQ at the Sarcas-home Sunday, and although none of it was sheep I happily stuffed my face nonetheless. There was pie too, and brownies. Oh, the face-stuffing!

New favorite lyric:

“You were born to touch, born to want too much
Let the bodies fall, you were born to have it all”

Song: Born to Have it All
Artist: Katie Irving (Pino Donaggio)
Album: Carrie (Original Soundtrack)

*For some reason I wanted to write "have grooven." It seemed strangely grammatical.


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