Friday, January 19, 2007

So much already!

Stuff I have seen or learned today, in the order I saw/learned them:

  • I saw a flock of pigeons swirling around a church steeple today, in graceful formation.
  • For the first time I put “pigeon” and “graceful” in the same thought.
  • Judicious use of hood-head can turn a bad hair day into an acceptable hair day.
  • Don’t give a professional presentation dressed in a tight yellow t-shirt and green stretch pants, particularly if you’re significantly overweight.
  • The talent most often found in grad students is the ability to write long, dense paragraphs that say nothing but what they think the instructor wants to hear.
  • I’m not a very talented grad student.

You had a favorite lyric last night, so don't be greedy.


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