Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grumble, grumble...

Stupid parking lot people! I'm a hale old veteran of the complain-to-get-free-stuff scene, but these folks ain't budging. That's OK...there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Sorry Cyn, but there is.) Now I switch to Plan B: Begin a campaign of constant nagging that never rises to an objectionable level but is extraordinarily annoying nonetheless. It might get me nowhere, but I'll enjoy the trip. :-)

My bro lent me the director's cut of "JRK", and I managed to watch about one-third of it before hitting the sack. BTW, let me just say for the record that portable DVD players rock, particularly when you use your boyfriend's for which you paid nothing. Just in case you were wondering.

Good weekend, BTW. In reverse, here's what I learned.

- Egg nog ice cream is tasty with chocolate cake. (But then, isn't anything?)
- Conshohocken sucks, even if nice people live there.
- Positano's tiramisu is not the equal of Dan's mom's.
- Meat pies made from corpses can be fun! (Although I'll bet they don't go well with chocolate cake.)

Oh, and I heard A Feast for Crows is finally on its way to becoming a real book, and not just something for which I've waited for five years. Yay!


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