Friday, May 06, 2005

Just what you wanted! Advice!

This post is about advice for drivers and pedestrians. Enjoy!

- If you don’t use the crosswalk when crossing the street, drivers making a turn often cannot see you until the last moment. Considering that most cars dramatically outweigh most pedestrians, that’s bad.

- Jaywalking in high-traffic areas is advisable only when you’re willing and able to run.

- You’re allowed to cross on green and yellow, but not on red. Red means you wait.

- Shouting, cursing, or giving the finger to a person in command of a vehicle that is stronger, faster, and harder than you is a bad idea. Really bad.

- Signal your turns before you make them, not as you make them.

- Yielding to pedestrians means more than not injuring them. It means that they get to cross on a green light before you get to turn on it. If you don’t like that, take it up with the legislature and not with pedestrians.

- You’re allowed to proceed on green and yellow, but not on red. Red means you stop.

- Tailgating is never, ever a good idea. No matter how quickly you think you can brake, it’s probably not quick enough.


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