Wednesday, June 01, 2005

::Shakes head::

I've been reading on a posting board comments about the revelation of Deep Throat's identity, and in more than one was expressed the opinion that Felt was a traitor. Yep. You got it. Revealing the criminal activities of the White House is now treason. I can only assume that the Neanderthals who hold these opinions believe that it's wrong for the White House to engage in criminal activity.

This is dismaying, but not truly surprisingly. Hell, even Vietnam, that quagmire in which the US poured thousands of Americans' worth of blood has been recast as a good fight in which our only mistake was pulling out before we won. I expect Karl Rove to say stuff like that; after all, he has something to gain by promoting historically blind bullshit. I am saddened and amazed that the American people increasingly buy it.

Although I have always been and remain an optimist when it comes to people, let me say we in America are due to reap a very, very bitter harvest. And, boy, do we have it coming.


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