Friday, June 10, 2005


I work in Bala Cynwyd, and there's a tow company out here called "Main Line Hooker Service." If they ever make a t-shirt that reads, "Main Line Hooker", I'm snatching it up.

Bala Cynwyd is an interesting place to work, BTW. During my daily lunchtime walks I see black and/or non-native women walking babies or old women. At 5pm you see all those women walking back to City Avenue to get the bus. During the aforementioned walks I see giant stone houses, each with its own set of SUV's. One house boasts two SUV's and a Hummer. (Evidently, getting 12 miles to the gallon was far too efficient for these folks.) Also, a the local deli I get to rub elbows with women whose handbags are worth more than the blue book value of my car. Admittedly, most packs of gum are worth more than the blue book value of my car, but it still makes me feel quite the plebian.


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