Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The show, rescheduled!

Once again, I have scheduled my first self-produced comedy show. Self-produced, of course, means that I have to find the venue, promote the thing, find the comedians, set up and break down, and generally wish that someone else would do all the work. So it's not glamorous, but I'm excited to be doing it nonetheless.

Please spread the word...I'm hoping for standing-room only!

P.S. You can click on the image of the flyer to enlarge it for better reading, but just in case the show is Friday, October 10 at 7pm.


Blogger Star said...

We'll be there. And we will stand if you want even if there are cchairs. I bet other people will come to if you tell the when and where.

2:37 PM  

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