Thursday, September 25, 2008

Into the realms of fantasy...

...this campaign wanders. Apparently, John McCain is qualified to lead the free world, but not to hold a presidential debate and do anything else at the same time. Maybe when you're older than dirt it gets hard to multitask, or maybe you're just pulling a cheap political stunt. Who can say?

Update: With the bailout deal solidifying, McCain's now vacillating about the debate. Great Zeus...he's like a virgin on prom night. Will I do it? Won't I? How much will it hurt?

We painted the living room this weekend, with the kind assistance of Ultimate Sean and Shushanna. And there was not only paint, but tasty garlic sausage, fresh grapes, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. And Dungeons & Dragons. But the walls are off-white, and now we're moving on to freshening up the woodwork and painting the three doors that open off that room. Then it's on to the dining room!


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