Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stuff I hate

Enough house-talk! Here are some things that really tick me off:

  1. Foot-shuffling. Pick up your feet when you walk, please.
  2. Lack of turn signals. Signaling the moment you begin the turn is just as bad.
  3. Food Nazis. They know the best way to eat, and they know that your way isn't it.
  4. Interrupters. These people usually aren't listening to a word you say.
  5. Loud talkers. Unlike Trix, inside voice/outside voice isn't just for kids.
  6. Change on top of bills. If you give me the bills first, the coins slide out of my hand! Bills last! Bills last!
Feel free to comment with some annoyances of your own.

Tomorrow I'll post a few things that make me smile.


Blogger Amy McWeasel said...

I'm so with you on the foot shufflers. A young-ish woman at work wears Teva-type sandals and shuffles past my office to get to her cube. Getting water? shuffle past... shuffle past again. Bathroom break? Lunch? Arriving? Leaving? shuffle... shuffle. Every time she does it, I scream in my head, "PICK UP YOUR FEET! You're wearing PLASTIC ALMOST-SHOES, not 25 pound weights!"


10:43 AM  

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