Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Head spinning...send backup...

I knew house-buying was expensive and complicated, but it's worse than I imagined. You have to do ten million things: sign agreements, get insurance (title and homeowners'), turn on/off utilities, forward mail, pack, and collect enough paper to choke Godzilla. The kicker is that you have to do it all at once. Couple that with the shopping we're doing for necessary (and less-necessary items) and we are quite run ragged.

Still, it's pretty exciting. I am looking forward to a gas stove with four burners that have settings other than off and death. To windows that don't admit every fly in Center City. To a washer that holds more than three socks and a headband* at a time. Oh, and of course to writing off the money we spend monthly on our abode. Ha-cha!

Hey, there is now a second Web site with crazy women who think of me as a chauvinistic homophobe! Some hysterical Hillary Clinton supporters have gotten together to bitch about Barack Obama and convince themselves that John McCain is A-OK on liberal issues. They are doing their best to perpetuate the stereotype of the emotion-governed, irrational woman.

New favorite lyric:

"Alot of folks just shook their heads
Convinced that I'd lost mine
They said, 'Living in a goddamn truck
Is just a waste of time
And to spend your life behind the wheel
Ain't as great as it might seem'
I just thanked them all and left one night
In the Kenworth of my dreams"

Artist: Richard Shindell (Richard Shindell)
Song: Kenworth of My Dreams
Album: Sparrows Point


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