Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nope…it still feels good

I keep clicking over to CNN today to make sure that what happened Tuesday night hasn’t, you know, un-happened. Not only has it not un-happened (try that double negative!), with George Allen conceding Virginia, it’s gotten better!

According to, Republicans suffered losses because they weren’t conservative enough, and that to regain power they must become even more conservative. I find that line of reasoning…well, pretty fucked. Personally, I think the reason the GOP got spanked is not because the American people all of a sudden discovered liberalism, but because Republican congresspeople had proven themselves arrogant, incompetent and corrupt. To regain power, they might want to focus on being less arrogant, more competent, and a teensy bit less corrupt.

Another idea floating around the conservative blogs is that everything will revert to Republican control come 2008. I’m not going to say that’s impossible (after Tuesday’s smashing success I guess anything can happen), but I wouldn’t bet on it. Come 2008, Senate Republicans are defending 21 seats, while the Dems are defending only 12.

In other news, I’ve discovered a new medical condition called plantar fascitis, which translates to “really annoying foot pain.” Those of you who have seen me rolling a metal candlestick under my foot at Movie Night have witnessed one of many home remedies for this malady.* Sigh. Getting old sucks.

* “Remedy malady” is like “taxi-Nazi”, isn’t it? I grow increasingly fascinated with these near-rhymes.


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