Saturday, November 25, 2006

And here I claim...

...the right to feel superior. I never understood why anyone would shop on Black Friday, but this?

Feh, I say. Feh. I grew up sufficiently poor than having fruit juice in the house was a rarity, and frozen waffles a luxury, so perhaps I'm biased. Or perhaps some people are frakkin' nuts. Growing up poor wasn't fun (although to be honest as a kid it seemed normal to me), but it gave me a nice perspective on the word "need." You need heat. You need food. You need electricity. You do not need cable. You do not need an SUV. You do not need a vacation. Proceeding from this is the very simple conclusion that most of the stuff people camped out Thanksgiving afternoon to buy was a bunch of crap they could just as easily have gotten later. Or - radical thought - been just as happy without.


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