Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A hell of a guy

Check out Santorum-shill Romanelli’s lame excuse for going on the GOP payroll:

“Yes, well, the bottom line is that I needed money. I have been trying to fundraise for the Greens for five years, and Democrats and progressives just aren’t giving us any. It was my intention to elevate the level of discourse on the issues in this senatorial race. And let’s not give Rick Santorum credit. Let’s not blame the Green Party. Carl Romanelli put this operation together, and I had the understanding with a handful of Republican friends of mine who helped me that we were both using each other. I needed money, because I had none, and I was well aware that they thought that my presence would help their candidate. I didn’t ascribe to that point of view, but it was mutual, because for five years the Green Party of Pennsylvania has been lobbying our legislature for more fair ballot access and for campaign reforms. It’s fallen on deaf ears.”

Well, the guy’s intelligent, certainly intelligent enough to realize he was a mere Republican sock puppet. And I admire his courage in taking credit for selling himself out. Carl Romanelli doesn’t hide behind lackeys, no; when he offers his integrity to the highest bidder, he personally sits behind the cash register. I’m also impressed by the bipartisan spirit Romanelli demonstrated; it’s heartwarming to see conservatives and progressives coming together to use each other as tools to satisfy twisted ambition.

Hmm…intelligence, courage and a sense of bipartisanship, all in one Romanelli-shaped package. In a Bizarro world, I could vote for him.


Blogger Daniel J. Linehan said...

Romanelli's actually right, to an extent. But the person he should be blaming is Ralph Nader, whose 2000 candidacy proved to be a long-term disaster for the Green Party.

1:05 PM  

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