Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Jersey New Year

Thanks for Feanor and Poppy for hosting the Star Wars New Year's event, which featured the movies (good) and the holiday special (dreadful). A great time!

As Babyraven and Mouserobot and I drove to the aforementioned event, we discussed the talking-on-cell-phones-while-driving thing, which I am steadfastly against. Yeah, I know that I don't object to drivers talking to passengers, but in my view there's a long league between talking to someone in the car with you and talking to someone on the phone. When you're on the phone, you're really not in your physical situation; you're sort of somewhere between where you are and where the person you're talking with is. I've had phone conversations while screening a DVD and I couldn't tell you what happened in the movie while I talked. Plus, have you ever noticed that people walking around while gabbing away will step into the street, or right in front of other pedestrians, without looking? That's because they're not where they are; they're on the phone. Why would it be any different when they're driving?

I realize that there are a multitude of distractions in which drivers indulge: eating, drinking, putting on makeup, shaving...hell, I've even seen people reading newspapers. None of those are good things or should be permitted, but I just can't accept the argument that talking on the phone in the car is the same as talking to someone in the car. You know?


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