Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Like Coming Home

Once I was once again fully employed, the next step was obvious.


Yup, one of my very favorite activities. In this case, I could justify the expense by the dress code of my new employer, which is a bit more dressy than the last. (Not that I need justification to buy clothing, but it's nice to have one.) I hit six stores in 90 minutes, and made purchases in five. I even found a couple of shirts in H&M, surprise surprise, which is usually a place only for tall thin people. I was very disappointed to find that the shirt I saw and admired at Daffy's was just too big for me. Funny, because it was tagged "medium", but when I tried it on I was enveloped in what felt like yards of extra material. Since I hate baggy clothing, I reluctantly set the shirt aside. I made up for it with a black blazer that fits me as if it had been custom made.

I didn't have time for my post-shopping ritual; that is, trying on what I've purchased in various combinations, to see what looks best. That's tomorrow.


Anonymous Anju said...

I find that I'm too tall for H&M, and also not thin enough. Perhaps it's different in the guys section.

7:11 PM  

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