Monday, January 09, 2006

I Am Officially Jealous

Sarcasmo is even now on her way to merry old England, and I wish I were going with her. I've been there twice, and I am very much looking forward to visit #3. Sarcasmo tells me that, since I've been there twice already, I am not allowed to be jealous, but I am. It's my way of rebelling.

In honor of her trip, here's a pic of me, Ed and Dan during our 2002 England trip. We were wandering through Hyde Park when we came upon this wooden bench labeled, "Topsy - Scarlette - Chloe." As soon as we read those, nothing would do but that we must take a picture behind them. I got a passerby to take the shot, but that left Dan and Ed free to stake out their names and to leave "Scarlette" to me. At first I wanted Topsy, but now I feel more at home with my English-bench alter ego. Sorry the pic is a bit stretched.

Enjoy, Sarcasmo! May your plane slumber be deep, your seatmate amiable, and your landing as boring as they come.


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