Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Random Thoughts

This entry will have little cohesiveness. Deal with it.

- It just occurred to me that the Vorlons on B5 think of themselves and act as gods, which they most certainly are not. Arrogant poopyheads!

- I'm thinking of getting certified as a technical writer, but I don't know much about it. Am looking into it.

- Winter bites.

- I had chicken last night, stir-fried with garlic, ground thyme, sage, and broccoli, served over rice. Yum!

- Doesn't it annoy you when People capitalize Words for No apparent Reason?

- Amy is in Paris right now, where it is no doubt warmer and more wonderful. Curses!

- I have a friend who lives in England, in a place called Surrey. I passed a sign announcing it on the motorway.


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