Monday, January 05, 2004

B-B-Babylon 5!!!

Yes, you heard right. Season 4 is released tomorrow, and I'm even now warming up my credit card. (I'm not sure exactly why a credit card has to be warm as it also works when it's cold, but my blog, my rules.) I've also taken Thursday and Friday off from work with renegade 2003 vacation time, so I am ready to geek out. Don't even bother checking this blog or telephoning me, because I will be incommunicado.

Questions to which I seek answers are:

1) How did Sheridan survive his plunge into the abyss?
2) Did Mr. Morden survive the blast at Z'hadum?
3) What happened to Garabaldi?

That second question is the most important, particularly because I don't want any harm to come to that pretty face of his, at least until someone puts his head on a pike for being evil! Also, I'm not too sure about the Vorlon and their intentions. They certainly seem somewhat more benevolent than the Shadows, but then again pretty much anybody is more benevolent than the Shadows. They're awfully manipulative, and they dispense assistance at their own discretion, not as it's needed. In a time of crisis you use what you're given, true, but if I were Sheridan and company, I'd be wary of the Vorlon.


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