Monday, January 26, 2004

My Least Favorite People!

Following the previous post, here's a list of people I hate. I don't love to hate them; I just hate them.

Ann Coulter: She is a maniac. I have read her book "Slander" and can say this with some authority. She's not just your run-of-the-mill conservative with whom I disagree. She is a nasty, intellectually dishonest ideologue with views so incredibly partisan it's hard to believe she's sane. She lies about her age, too, which makes her pathetic as well as cuckoo.

Kevin Costner: This man is a Hollywood sweetheart who has ruined more movies than any cell-phone-yaking yoyo could ever dream. He's not a terrible actor, but he's cast with people who are, and looks all the more terrible in contrast. America, wake up! He's as bland as rice cakes with oxygen sauce.

John O'Connor: He's the archbishop of New York, and yet he still finds time to fulfill his duties as Bigot-in-Chief. He hates gays. He hates abortion. He hates women who have abortions. Of course, he would say he doesn't hate anything, but it's clear he holds these things in utter contempt. He once threatened to excommunicate American Catholics who are pro-choice. That's building bridges the Catholic way!

George W. Bush: The first Resident of the United States, His Fraudulency has made an art form out of short-sighted jingoism. Placed in office by a sympathetic Supreme Court, GWB is living proof that anyone with prestigious name, alot of money, and a modicum of cunning can aspire to be president. A Democrat with a similar history of alcoholism and poor college performance would have been savaged by the same conservatives who applaud GWB, but let's not focus on his sordid past. Bush squandered the goodwill lavished on America after the destruction of the World Trade Center just as he squandered the surplus he inherited from the Clinton administration. He used the fear of terrorism to lead the American people to believe that Saddam had something to do with that act of terrorism, all the while maintaining a plausible deniability in case things in Iraq went bad. When the United Nations showed a distressing reluctance to buy into the story, he said we didn't need them and attacked without even having the courage to ask Congress for a declaration of war. When the invasion was over, he went back to the same UN he'd swept aside and asked them to share the responsibility for rebuilding while leaving the US with all of the authority. On the domestic setting, he preaches that all people are God's children while pushing for an amendment that would enshrine anti-gay bigotry into the guiding document of our country. He spouts off about fiscal good sense while spending the nation into the biggest deficit ever. He mouths support for the separation of church and state while he does everything he can to undermine it. The damage this man has done to the United States is amazing in its scope, and will haunt us long after His Fraudulency has retired and had a library named after him.

I think my #4 choice equals two or three, so it's probably best to end this topic.


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