Sunday, January 11, 2004

Babylon, the review

I finished Season Four, and I have a few things to say. Naturally.

Damn those Vorlons! I knew they were not to be trusted, and they proved me right in spades.

Goodbye, Mr. Morden. He was such sweet, sexy evil, although he was asking for the ole' head-on-a-pike treatment. It was good that Vir got to wave at him, though.

Garabaldi should die. Yeah, I know the telepaths used him, but it strikes me that his will was not totally subverted. I certainly wouldn't trust him anymore.

The new president sucks. She treated Sheridan like some misbehaving rowdy, when she should not have dared raise her voice to him. He stopped the Shadows, scared off the Vorlon, and saved Earth from an evil dictator.That puts him in the "Deserves Gratitude" column in my book.

Lannier is the most unlucky Minbari in the universe. The woman he loves wants a guy who came back from the dead. How can he top that? Of course, Sheridan will be dead in twenty years, so if Lannier wants to wait a few decades, he might have a chance.


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