Monday, January 19, 2004

I used to think I was a good swimmer...

...until today. I went to the 12th Street Gym with Dan this morning, and we used the pool. Dan did 70 laps (yes, that's seven-oh). He is a fantastic swimmer, and he didn't even collapse when he got out of the water. He rinsed off, got dressed, and we left, just like that. I did 3.5 laps, then got tired and used my hand as a makeshift shark fin whilst humming the "Jaws" music. It's just something I have to do when I am in water.

Given that today is MLK Day, I wanted to bring up something. I've heard on several occasions the following remark, or something like it.

"All the black people take off on Martin Luther King's birthday, but are they really out at memorials and marches, or just sleeping late?"

To those who feel this way, I say this: Do you spend Memorial Day remembering the sacrifices of those who died during military service, or are you on your way to the beach? Uh-huh...I thought so. MLK Day is a holiday just like any other. Some people do special stuff to honor it, and some don't, and none of it makes anyone better or worse than anyone else.


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