Wednesday, February 21, 2007


If England withdraws troops, it's a positive sign. If the U.S. withdraws troops, or even votes on a non-binding resolution opposing the troop escalation, it's validating terrorist strategy. Isn't that what we call "flip-flopping"?

Added a new link my to bro's live journal on the side, there. Click! Click!

As you may know, my self-created RPG Altonomy (a.k.a. Winged Cheetahs) is going through some rules updates, so look for a new edition within the next year. This one will actually be available for sale; the other wasn't bound properly and I just couldn't in good conscience charge for it. If you want a copy drop me a line and you'll get one for nothing (well, if I have to mail it you'll pay postage).

New favorite lyric:

"And when the world stopped spinning 'round
I picked the pan up off the ground
I read my upheaves much like tea leaves
They said it's over so get sober or you'll die

Artist: Jay Brannan (Jay Brannan)*
Song: Soda Shop
Album: Soundtrack of "Short Bus"

*This guy has on Youtube a video of him singing this song. The video is annoying since he spends the first three minutes talking about the IMDB brush-off "Short Bus" has gotten, but hang in there. The song, which is admittedly about nothing very important, is cute, charming and very singable.


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