Thursday, February 08, 2007

'Cause another's just what we needed

Fox News has a new cog in the right-wing noise machine; namely, the incomparable Greg Gutfeld. A newcomer on the TV scene, Gutfeld is working hard to beat Bill O'Reilly at the ignorant fool game. Check out these comments on Biden's ill-conceived remarks about Barack Obama:

"Ok, the thing about what Joe Biden says is, isn’t he saying what every liberal is thinking? That Obama is acceptable because he’s basically like Lionel Jefferson, and he’s not threatening...Liberals have this secret racism about blacks. They’ve got to be light-skinned in order to be acceptable."

Conservatives, on the other hand, have always stood ready to accept blacks of all hues. To prove it, one need only look back at the conservative icons of yesteryear: Bull Connor, Strom Thurmond, and George Wallace. Those men, clad in the snow-white vestments of righteousness, used the burning flames of enlightenment to show blacks the crosses of their acceptance.

(OK...I think I abused sarcasm in this post.)

New favorite lyric:

"Now sometimes late on some interstate
I hear the sad country songs, true love found and true love gone
Lately I just turn the damn thing off."

Artist: Richard Shindell (Richard Shindell)
Song: Kenworth of My Dreams
Album: Sparrows Point


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